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About emaratech

  • Management Consulting
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What it does: Advanced business information technology solutions, high-end market strategies, online solutions and outsourcing technology services.

Best known for: emaratech belongs to the Investment Corporation of Dubai, a state-owned holding company that resembles a sovereign wealth fund.

Staff stats: More than 500 employees.

The good bits: Graduates will experience a healthy work-life balance at emaratech. A typical schedule starts at 8 am and ends at 3 pm.

The not so good bits: Some employees accused the company of widespread racial discrimination, while others said that there are no distinct growth opportunities for lower-ranked personnel.

The emaratech story

emaratech started in 2003 as a management consulting and technology company in Dubai. The group caters to clients from the private and public sectors. Their services include advanced business information technology solutions, high-end market strategies, online solutions and outsourcing technology services.

They also specialise in business domain knowledge including border access and control, business and IT consulting, government e-services and security services, payment gateways, employee-resource-planning software and real estate technology solutions. The company belongs to the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), a state-owned company that has investment holdings in well-known companies like the Emirates Group and Emirates NBD Bank.

The recruitment process

emaratech’s recruitment process elicited mixed feedback from previous applicants. Some of them mentioned the lack of proper communication skills among interviewers, while others said that the company prefers to hire candidates when they apply through employee referrals. The latter isn’t always true. Graduates can still apply online and expect to receive a job offer, only if they meet the qualifications, ace the tests and pass the interview.

You should anticipate technical questions related to the job. Software engineering candidates may have to explain the advantages of Spring, define GAC and enumerate the primary components of WCF among other IT processes. Textbook questions such as sharing details about yourself may be necessary as well. emaratech may take over five weeks to process applications.

Career prospects

Students won’t likely find any internship opportunities at the company, but there are job listings that don’t require a specific number of years of experience. emaratech accepts fresh graduates and bachelor’s degree holders for their UAE Nationals program. The company only requires a business or IT degree for interested parties. Take note that the entry-level opportunity won’t apply to non-residents.

emaratech’s senior-level roles require four to ten years of professional experience. You can be a senior software engineer once you gain at least four years of experience in .NET technologies. Senior full-stack software engineers usually have a minimum of six years in development experience with J2EE or Spring technology stack.

Business analysts can take on a senior role in the same position once they have ten years of experience in software development, including five years of experience as a business analyst. This job doesn’t require a specific bachelor’s degree, but you should be fluent in Arabic and English.


The average salary for an entry-level middleware administrator ranges from AED7,000 to AED8,000 per month. A software engineer earns at least AED12,500 per month, while senior software engineers’ average salaries are AED15,500 per month. The company pays AED14,000 as the median monthly salary for business analysts. Senior business analysts earn between AED21,000 and AED23,000 per month.

emaratech provides an annual bonus equal to an employee’s salary and contingent with their performance. Some employees believe that the company uses a non-objective approach to determine bonuses, and HR supposedly has an unclear policy for salary appraisals. Other benefits at the company comprise the following:

  • Annual tickets
  • Bereavement leave
  • Dental and healthcare insurance
  • Employee discounts
  • Housing and transportation allowance
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Paid time off and sick leave
  • Tuition assistance

The culture

The company observes a healthy work-life balance for employees. The usual schedule occurs from 8 am to 3 pm. Some employees, however, feel that the great work hours are the trade-off for limited career development opportunities at the company.

High employee turnover, poor management and even racial discrimination are some of the other workplace issues. Graduates should take the criticism with a grain of salt, especially since there are employees who have stayed with emaratech for more than three years.

The competition

emaratech’s peers in the IT consulting industry include Clariba, Napollo Software Design, Notamedia, ShopDev and Verbat Technologies.

Social contributions

The company supports Smart Dubai 2021’s goals such as the paperless strategy, which aims to get rid of over 1 billion pieces of paper by the target year. emaratech displayed their products, services and solutions to achieve this goal during the Gitex Technology Week 2019.

The vibe of the place

emaratech should become your first option if you value a routine work schedule, especially since a seven-hour shift seems rare in Dubai. You should prepare to get passed over for a promotion despite your hard work. The non-objective system for performance evaluations can be the main reason for this.

Graduates should also be ready to deal with a multicultural work environment. ICD’s ownership of emaratech also implies job security for most employees, as being a government-owned company means they are unlikely to shut down without warning.

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